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Damn Aliens Asteroids


After traveling for a very long time in space, after the aliens destroyed Earth, the small group of 500 human's that escaped (mainly the most wealthy ones) landed on another planet called Areos, which looked very similar to Earth. The Areoians there accepted the Earth human's with open arms and gave them refuge. After being on Areos for several months and having access to their technology, the Earth humans learned the location of the Damn Aliens home galaxy. With a plea to go into space and explore the Areos galaxy, the humans tricked the peaceful Areoians into building them a very powerful ship. Of course, the real purpose of this ship was to go get revenge against the Damn Aliens for destroying Earth. 150 humans were sent in the new ship to send back reports of the way to make it through the asteroid field to reach the Damn Aliens galaxy.


Your job is to survive long enough for the scientists to track the path to the Damn Aliens home galaxy. You will need to destroy the asteroids as they approach. Those Damn Aliens are mining inside the asteroids. When you destroy the asteroid's enough, they will be released and attack. Collect energy and power balls to help you survive longer.

How to Play

CTRL = Shoot
SPACE = Pause Game
ENTER = Start/Resume Game
Press F11 to Switch Fullscreen

Have Fun

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