Game Instructions

Damn Aliens Pinball

Game Play:
Time to battle against the Damn Aliens again. In this arena, you need to control the pinball to reach your high score. Click under, around or over the pinball to produce a shield. The pinball will bounce in velocity depending in its speed. Your in space, so the gravity is much lighter and your pinball can get going pretty fast. There is a speed reduction in place if it gets going too fast, but it could still break through the barriers. Some of the aliens are there to just be annoying and get in your way. You can destroy them by hitting them. Be aware of the Black Hole, it will transport you at random anywhere on the pinball arena. Destroy all the asteroids to get a bonus score of 10,000.

How To Play:
The only tool you need is a hand held mouse. Left click to produce a shield to bounce the ball off from. Right click to pause the game. Left click to resume game.


This game was designed for large screens. However, if the game window is too big for your screen, press the CTRL key on your keyboard and scroll down with your mouse wheel to zoom the browser window until you have a good fit. Press CTRL and scroll up to zoom in if need be.

No real aliens were harmed in the making of this game.

Have Fun

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