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Our privacy policy is very simple. We respect your privacy and believe it is yours and your alone. WeeMega will NEVER share or distribute your information including your User ID. Your email address is only used if you have lost your password. Your User ID is public on the web site.

Terms of Use


You acknowledge that this web site is not a gambling web site. You acknowledge that you are aware that you cannot bet, or place bets in any of the games on this site. The elements on this site are for entertainment and not for the purpose of gambling.

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You may choose any type of user identification you wish. Be sure it is something you can remember.


It is your responsibility to set a secure password. WeeMega is not responsible if your password is not a strong password and your account gets accessed by not using a strong password. A strong password should be at least 6-12 characters using upper and lower case letters and include numbers or special characters.

Deleting Member Account

You may delete your member account any time you wish.

To delete your account, enter the member settings page. Press the "Delete Your Account" button. ALL Account information including your log in credentials, will be PERMANENTLY DELETED.